Why it's best to choose the Philips Sonicare Electric toothbrush?

Published: 13th January 2010
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The man behind the invention known as the "father of electronic tooth brushing" is Dr. Scott. An electric toothbrush or a sonicare works on an electric current, generated from the batteries inserted within the toothbrush. The automatic bristles move faster than a manual toothbrush and are electronically powered for complete and overall teeth cleaning. These brushes are suitable for everyone, especially for people who have teeth and gum problems, cavities and for the ones who use braces. This kind of toothbrush is not harsh; on the other hand it is gentle and safe for your mouth and teeth and gives you a superior tooth cleaning experience.

The bristles of a sonicare offer cleansing without much effort, which is achieved through a high frequency motion for an overall dynamic cleaning of your teeth and gums and gives you a distinctively different and comfortable brushing experience. It provides a deeper and proper penetration of the bristles for a thorough cleaning of your teeth. The penetration of the manual toothbrush is not that deep as that of a sonicare. Moreover these sonicare brushes come with timers that ensure the proper action of the brush and suitable time needed for brushing, which one can't decide while brushing with the manual toothbrush.

They help in removing the stains of caffeine and tobacco from your teeth thus making them healthier and whiter. Most of the dentists today prescribe sonicare due to its advantages over the manual toothbrush. These brushes offer an oscillating motion of the bristles, which ensure a higher degree of plague and bacterial removal in a way that is deep yet gentle on your gums People who have sensitive teeth can also use it. It is a portable, stylish and powerful product and this adds to its great demand even among kids who find it a fun brushing experience. These toothbrushes are easily available in the market these days and at prices which everybody can afford.

An excellent product like the Philips sonicare is the secret to your healthy, shining and pearly white teeth. It ensures effective and complete care for your teeth and also ensures their safety. So make sure that you get one and help yourself in your overall oral care by encouraging healthy brushing habits.

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